You believe innovation means more than being digitally present. At your core is the belief that true innovation must be accompanied by quality-driven work. You are a maker at heart - always passionate about acquiring and learning, and champion the process of making and upholding quality work. You want to reimagine and remake the outdated and that is not always easy.

Behind all of our successes at KeJo is a talented, diverse, and trusting team. Trust is the glue to our relationships and the foundation of our business. We trust our people, and most importantly, believe they deserve the best care for their day-to-day commitment. Brands trust our platform because of our talent. Every day, we celebrate wins as Technology Trust Makers.

Current Openings

Salesforce Consultant

Salesforce Developer


Seeking Diverse Talent to Challenge the Status Quo

KeJo prioritizes equality, so we love hiring based on diversity. Everyone is different and we value that - it is because of our differences that we are able to offer an all-inclusive skillset to cater to all of our clients. When things are stuffy and unclear, we do not shy away from open conversations, and foster an environment of inclusion and mutual respect. At the heart of it all, we share the desire to make digital transformations worthwhile.

Days at KeJo are never dull. You can expect a busy mix of client work and self-learning. Things move fast and that is just the way we like it. We never compromise quality with speed because we value lasting work, experiences and relationships - details do matter in our world.

We are challengers at heart - we are an adventurous bunch and enjoy pushing beyond the status quo because that’s what keeps us motivated. “Better, better, never done”- we are always asking ourselves how we can make something better, easier, clearer; how can we lead by bringing quality and adding value to everything we do.


Fostering Growth and Exploration at All Stages of Your Career

There are no typical career paths at KeJo Solutions. We admire where you come from, and where you want to go; that is what defines us and makes each of us unique. We value different perspectives; hence, it is important at KeJo that each employee feels empowered to create their own paths. We provide a collection of internal resources and e-learning for your personal development, and encourage continuous education (i.e. Salesforce Certifications) whether it is within your expertise or a new topic you are keen on exploring.

At KeJo Solutions, we value positive growth, and we have experienced it from the ground up. We want you to seek adventure and think outside the box. Explore your creativity; do not be afraid to prioritize problem solving instead of waiting for permission.


Hear it From Our Very Own

In the 3 years that I was a Salesforce customer, I loved the flexibility of the platform compared to its competitors. At KeJo Solutions, I was able to switch from being a Salesforce customer to being the expert with all of the hands on experience. KeJo really puts an emphasis on employee growth, which has helped me achieve multiple Salesforce Certifications so far. I am now moving onto a brand new certification in Marketing automation to broaden my horizon.
— Ryan C., Salesforce Consultant (From a Salesforce customer to the mastermind behind Sales Cloud!)

Inspiring Each Other to Succeed Through Teamwork

We have the unwavering belief that it’s always possible to go further and get better, even when it’s hard. We compare digital transformation to a long-distance running race. We learn to embrace the challenges (learning how to fuel, how to train, how to prepare), and rejoy in the process of hard work (put in the miles, day in and day out, no matter the weather). We continuously acquire and learn new skills to produce best-in-class work. We don’t stop challenging ourselves there. Much like when one crosses a marathon finish line, we look forward to the next adventure and learning journey. We challenge the status quo - we’re always asking the hard questions to assess how we can pivot businesses away from obvious solutions to stay ahead of competition. In our community, shared growth is highly valued.