The KeJo Technology Trust Makers helped an auto company accelerate its business with Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud along with Jitterbit to revolutionize its business. Founded in 1992, our client dispatched vehicles and tracked roadside services, steadily maintaining about a third of the market.

Being the best at roadside service was not enough. Their challenge rested in not having a contact or opportunity management system which hindered the way to scale their business, and made it difficult to launch the types of new services needed in the era of connected cars. They needed a new platform to deliver fresh experiences - a way to manage relationships with clients, OEMs and their consumers, allowing full visibility and reporting into that funnel and cycle.

KeJo Solutions completely helped the client modernize themselves by reinventing their stack. We implemented Sales Cloud to support their sales organization, Service Cloud to support their operations and client-facing team, and Jitterbit as a key tool to connect the company to Salesforce both internally and externally to integrate their disparate data silos. We later layered on Clean and Prospector to identify key contacts while keeping current contact data up to date.

This digital transformation process helped their sales team grow by six times, including faster and more cost efficient onboarding, as they were able to shift focus to growing their business. Their sales pipeline became four times their annual revenue, with a conversation rate above 50% between teams. Because we kicked off the project with a trusted relationship and foundation, KeJo Solutions was able to deliver this implementation 25% under budget, including added scope that was completed on time.  Our client continue to grow their business over 30% year over year.