Our client is the world’s largest privately-owned, multinational pet products manufacturer and distributor. For more than 60 years they have earned the loyalty and trust of consumers worldwide - dedicating themselves to producing high-quality, innovative products for the health, happiness and satisfaction of pet owners and their beloved pets. With over 13 large pet food brands under their belt, their portfolio continues to grow daily.

The biggest challenge facing our client was the lack of a CRM structure that governed and supported their growth strategy, which resulted in their business not being optimized for scale.

Deeply rooted was the missing link- visibility and alignment - between their sales and marketing team. This challenged their ability to generate a 360-degree view of their B2B customers to deliver a seamless yet tailored sales and marketing experience across physical stores and online to maximize revenues.

Our KeJo consultants recommended a suite of Salesforce solutions (Sales, Community, Service, Marketing Cloud) as part of their digital transformation process to help them to resolve internal inefficiencies and connect their digital presence to their real-world interactions with customers.

This involved pushing beyond Salesforce’s out-of-the-box tools to build a fully customized B2B e-Commerce enabled Community, integrated with Salesforce’s CRM data and functionality, to take them to the next level. Our platform offered an end-to-end experience that was 100% Salesforce native and mobile responsive, and brought together all of their pet brands for a seamless and intuitive shopping experience